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Talk about thread drift. Bill. This was supposed to be about Freddy Fisher
Fr. Don
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> Hi Brian (and all of you)
> The moon/behavior link probably is pseudo-scientific, nevertheless there
> behavior patterns easily observed by others, especially those who deal
> the same groups of people over a period of time.
> You teachers (retired and otherwise) will bear me out, I'm sure, when I
> mention that during dry windy days in the autumn, (I mean really dry and
> windy) the kids in your classrooms tend to go absolutely bonkers.
> I do believe that these links exist even if I can't reasonably esplain
> What impact does this have on music?  Good question.
> It is known (even if it is a cliche) that "music soothes the savage
beast" -
> So we have a situation here. What happens when a susceptible person hears
> music during a full moon?
> Think of the conflicts raging inside, the turmoil caused by the ebbing and
> flowing of these gigantic tidal forces (moon vs. music).  What beast
> from the psychic battles between music's "Jeckle" and the moon's "Hyde"?
> Respectfully submitted,
> Bill "Pondering the paranormal" Gunter
> ps - uninhibited behavior such as dropping trou and displaying your rear
> to other is called "MOONING!"  Coincidence? I think not.
> -bg
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