[Dixielandjazz] Roy Williams?

Cees van den Heuvel heu at bart.nl
Mon Nov 10 23:16:57 PST 2003

This proves that America is indeed an Island......:)

Cees van den Heuvel

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> I posted this on the trombone list and was wondering if any of the 
> members of the dixieland list might know any further about Roy Williams?
> > I recently came across a trad. trombone player by the name of Roy
> > Williams.  He was playing with a trad group from the UK led by Alex
> > Welsh.  What a player, the tune that really stood out was "Tangerine"
> > where he plays many choruses then follows it up with another 100
> > choruses.  Does anyone have any further info on this guy.  I would like
> > to hear some other stuff that he might have done,
> > later,
> Randy Fendrick,
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