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Sun Nov 9 17:40:31 PST 2003

The reason there is "lunacy" (after "lunar", i.e., full moon) is
metaphysical. The moon is a corpse, a dead planet. If emits
reflected--negative--light, not direct light as the sun. All this would
mean nothing except if it were not for the fact that much of earth's
humanity began their evolution as moon-based monads. When they came to a
point where they were ready for a higher evolution, they were re-born on
earth and the moon, without any humanity to provide it any soul energy,
began to die. When the moon is full, the negative energy it emits hits its
old inhabitants here on earth and acts as an atavistic force, exerting a
pull on its previous dwellers. It's a negative pull. And if one is
susceptible to its influence, it will cause them to do dumb things. Of
course I don't expect anyone but a trained metaphysician to believe this,
but that's OK. You asked. If you would like to search this further, go to
the Theosophy website and enter full moon in their search engine.

Burt Wilson

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> Janie McCue Lynch wrote:
> >
> > Steve wrote:
> >
> >         "Bob probably meant uninhibited. IMO, it is not the phases of
> > moon.
> >  It is the booze that loosens inhibitions, along with the atmosphere
> > created
> > by the ambiance of where the activity takes place that contributes.
> > Booze
> > and environment will do it every time."
> >
> >  I don't want to take this thread down a non-musical path, but in
> > reference
> > to the above, Steve, even though it cannot be objectively documented,
> > ask
> > ANY medical professional working in the ER, Intensive Care Unit, Labor
> > and
> > Delivery, or long-term residential facilities and you will find story
> > after
> > story of bizarre happenings and also a seeming never-ending string of
> > newborns.
> Hi Jane:
> Yes, of course, all kinds of "stories" from hospitals, police units,
> etc.., etc.., etc. However, the key word you say above are "it cannot be
> objectively documented". Certainly if there were an unusual string of
> newborns on full moon days, that could easily be proven for birth
> statistics are routinely kept all over the civilized world.  Same thing
> with murders, assaults, arrests, rapes, etc. That proof is not there
> because it does not happen.
> The "stories" are fiction from the beginning of time as we are a
> superstitious people. The statistics that would back them up if they
> really happened, are just not there. The "ask any medical professional"
> is typical of a generic statement made up by those who want to believe
> without proof. Some will believe it, others will ask for the names of
> those "any medical professionals" referred to, and others will actually
> go down to the emergency room on full moon nights and observe for
> themselves, the fact that yesterday's full moon saturday night action
> will be just about the same as Saturday night the week before, or next
> Saturday night.
> Musical content? It is a Yama Yama man type superstition that will
> always exist.
> Cheers,
> Steve
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