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Polite snip from:November 7, 2003 - New York Times

Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up: Prizing a Personal Voice Even if It Hurts


"The Individual Voice in Music"
> Maybe that's what a social scientist must do, but not critics. I trust
> my own subjective taste. Probably neither Ms. Grimaud nor Mr. Cascioli
> would rank in the Top 10 consensus of the great pianists of today. But a
> consensus is like a prize awarded by an uneasy consortium of critics:
> quirky brilliance, in Mr. Dyer's terms, is weeded out in favor of a film
> or a recording that everyone can feel comfortable with.

Oh but "What a Wonderful World" it would be if all music sounded and was 
performed exactly the same every time, to please mostly anal retentive self 
appointed critics, and those who like to go to the symphony halls to sleep.

I say throw the symphonies out and bring in some Jazz or at least have the 
symphony play some Jazz, then perhaps both genres would sell more seats and we 
could put the halls on a self supporting system.  Seems to me that it has 
worked when major Jazz Singers have appeared with symphonies in the past, seems 
like someone would have been paying attention to the biggest sellouts of their 

> So more power to Ms. Grimaud and Mr. Cascioli, even if he isn't my
> pianistic cup of tea. Better a personal voice than an earnest student of
> convention. And if you make some people mad, and you will, all the
> better

Everything written prior to this statement in the critique could have simply 
been omitted, albeit this is more than likely the nicest thing this guy has 
ever said about any performer that he did not like.  If you can't say anything 
good about someone, Shut the Hell up and just don't say anything at all.  Who 
the Hell asked YOU anyway. 

 Somebody else just might like them, and the artist has no doubt worked hard 
to attract an audience, it is certainly not the critics job to drive them away 
or worse yet write his personal tripe in the newspaper to dissuade others 
from ever coming to see a live performer.   


Venting my undying love for Critics, again.   But then again who asked for my 
opinion?  :)

Tom Wiggins

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