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Thanks, Tom!  This is just the info I need.

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> > Steve, we have an elementary school assembly to play this month.  What
> > of program do you do at one of these?  Do you do interactive stuff with
> > kids ("Who knows what this instrument is called?, etc.")?
> >
> > I'm thinking of talking a little about OKOM and about how all of music
> > made up of rhythm, melody, and harmony (with short demos of each).  Also
> > thought we'd play Rubber Ducky from Sesame St. for them.
> >
> > Help is always appreciated.
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> > Bill Biffle
> > Duke City Jazz Band
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> Hi Bill:
> Yes, interaction is very good with them, since we are a marching band, we
> actually come in through the back of the room and play right through the
kids to
> the stage or front of the room.  They love it and are blown away by it.
> ask them if they like parades, and tell them that we do to and Everyday is
> Parade day for us.
> We always ask them if they like to dance?  Then explain how this music was
> invented for people to dance and get good exercise and have fun.  Not all
> are lucky enough to play an instrument, but almost everyone can tap their
> feet, clap their hands and learn to dance and enjoy the music which makes
> musician play better and enjoy the music too.
> We tell them we are lucky to have such a good job that lets us make other
> people happy when they are sad, or feeling bad, how music helps people
deal with
> their emotions and that at different times we like different kinds of
> We let them know that this is mostly happy music which is why we like to
> it We all like to be Happy don't we boys and girls?
> Encourage them to tap their feet, snap their fingers to the rhythm, or
> their hands, they love it.  If you do a couple of kid songs, ask them to
> along, you will be instant stars :)
> Sometimes the local teachers will bring rhythm instruments to the assembly
> and you can get the kids to play along on a number or two.  Drive em all
nuts by
> giving out some Kazoos.
> It is a risky thing to do but on the last number you could ask the kids to
> all stand up and dance, they will love it, but the teachers may hate you
> getting them all riled up and then they have to calm them down to go back
> class.  This works very well if you can get the teachers to cooperate.
What I do
> is get them to all line up and do the bunny hop behind the band out of the
> auditorium to the play ground and tell them before that it is a tradition
in New
> Orleans called Second Line, sort of like their bunny hop dance.  Easier to
> the teachers to allow this one Usually.
> Kid have such open minds almost anything that is not boring they will
> gravitate to, leave the tedious lecture stuff to the teachers, and the
music teachers
> they already have, just entertain the kids and show them how to have fun
> music.
> Cheers,
> Tom Wiggins
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