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At 02:01 PM 5/31/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm looking for the lyrics to a BG recording sung by Helen Ward (I think) of
>"It's Been So Long"...  I have the recording but can't make out all the
>words...  TIA...  Regards...
>Marv...  (KB2ENK)

Big band music is not off topic. Original definition of OKOM included the
related if sometimes tangential musics of the period. That's because most
folks who like Dixieland well enough to be in DJML also like the other
stuff, besides which many tunes of the dixie repertoire were played by many
of the big bands.

I'm really glad you asked for the lyrics, because I overlooked this tune in
planning my "Treasures of the 20s-30s-40s".

It's been so long
Verse: [Didn't find the verse]
('Cause it's been)  So///   long/ since I
   held you tight, when we   said goodnight. It's been
So///   long,/ honey   can't you see what   you've done to me, I've been
In a kind of   daze// for   days and days and   days.///
Feelin' blue,/   missin' you in   oh so many   ways, 'cause it was
So///   nice,/ when we   had that date, ev'ry   night at eight. It was
So///   nice,/ then we   said goodbye, what a   fool was I, let me
Get back in your   arms where I be-   long///   / 'cause it's been
Oh///   so///   long.///   ///|

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