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Sat May 31 20:12:53 PDT 2003

Here's a couple.

Ellingtonia: The Recorded Music of Duke Ellingon, 4th edition, by Walter E. 

The New Duke Ellington's Story on Records 1924-1974. Vol. 1-2. Milano 
1999  by Massagli, Luciano - Giovanni. M. Volonté:

The Duke Ellington Reader, a delightful compilation of articles spanning 
Ellington's career, edited/compiled by Mark Tucker - this is available in 
softcover as well as hard, and the online retailers carry it.

David in Delta

At 12:00 31-05-03, fred spencer wrote:
>  Dear DJML,
>I am compiling a list of jazz reference books, i.e. books to which someome 
>would refer for information, excluding general, or limited, histories of 
>jazz, biographies, novels, journals, and discographies. Feather's (and 
>Gitler's) Encyclopedias of Jazz, Chilton's Who's Whos, the Rough Guides, 
>Clayton and Gammond's Guinness Jazz Companion, Gold's Jazz Talk, Kinkle's
>Complete Encyclopedia, Ecklund's Jazz West Coast, ASCAP Biographical 
>Dictionary, Kenningtron and Read's Literature of Jazz, Townley's Tell Your 
>Story, and, of course, The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz are examples of 
>the 40 volumes I have so far unearthed. I would be grateful for 
>suggestions anyone may have. With thanks.
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