[Dixielandjazz] A Date with Benny

Richard Broadie richard.broadie at gte.net
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Recordings of the '38 BG Carnegie Hall Concert were seminal for me.  They
not only inspired me to become a clarinet player (my first of many
instruments) and a jazz musician, they established a bond between me and my
dad that lasted for the remainder of his life.  The relationship between dad
and myself - "priceless!"

Never thought, when I was a kid in Iowa listening to these recordings that
I'd get to play with Martha Tilton, Bobby Hackett, Teddy Wilson and Jess
Stacey or get to know Lionel Hampton.  So many of this ancient kid's dreams
have come true.  I've truly been blessed.  Might add that I never met Harry
James but did back Louise Tobin (Harry's wife at the time of the concert)
when I played bass with Peanuts Hucko (still his wife).

For those who know Peanuts, he and Louise are still in Texas (San Antonio
area if my memory serves me right).  From what I hear, Peanut's health is
not good these days.

Dick Broadie

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I enjoy most Benny Goodman, up through the early 1950s, but particularly:
1929-1933 (foxtrot) Orchestra, the
"Bill Dodge" records, the
1930s trio-quartet (in part because I really like Teddy Wilson)
the 1935-early 1936 big band that has the guitar toward the front, only
partly because it sometimes does tasty stuff, as on "Goodbye".


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