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Sat May 31 11:13:19 PDT 2003


To List mates who wax eloquently about Carol Doda and the Killer Piano
at the Condor Club club in San Francisco where she danced. Later on the
Condor was re-named "Carol Doda's". She started dancing at The Condor in
the early 1960s when the bars on Broadway went topless. I was lucky
enough to be living in Sausalito across the Golden Gate at the time.
(Bio below by Tom Wiggins)

"Carol Doda was the first GO GO Dancer back at the Elbow Room in
Vallejo,  California in the mid sixties, shimmy shimmy fringed white
dress, knee high white  artificial simulated naugahyde  shiny patent
leather Go Go Boots, and NO Boobs at all.

She much later had those hughmongous implants and got a job from Davey
Rosenberg, King of Boobs on North Beach, at The Condor Club, actually
hers were  really not so savage, they just hung there, and no way could
she swing tassels around in a circle from them.

In all fairness however, Carol is a nice person, and still lives in the
East  bay area of San Francisco, she just did what she had to do to get
into what  she believed at the time to be Show Business, she made a few
bucks and moved on." (END BIO)

As Tom said, she was a nice girl in that saucy world of large breasted
women that populated the bars and clubs along Broadway in San Francisco
of the 1960s. Like Gaye Spiegelman, "Topless Mother of Eight", and
Yvonne D'Angier" who for a short while owned the largest implants in the
Western USA.

To say nothing of that all girl OKOM jazz quartet that played topless in
a club next to The Condor, which is another story and justifies the
musical content of this post however tenuously.

That plus the hippies and U Cal Berkeley  made the 60s a very exciting
time in the Bay Area.

Steve Barbone

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