[Dixielandjazz] The Raeburns

fred spencer drjz at bealenet.com
Sat May 31 11:02:46 PDT 2003

  Dear All,
The discussion of Boyd Raeburn allows me to correct an error I made. 
This became evident in the course of  a series of emails with Bruce Boyd 
Raeburn, the Curator of the Hogan Jazz Archive--"Also regarding the 
death of my father, Boyd Raeburn, his death was the result of of a 
second automobile accident in 1965, not the 1963 accident as given in 
your book [Jazz and Death, Medical Profiles of Jazz Greats] on page 286, 
note 8, and in various contemporaneous obituaries", which is where I 
obtained my information, in "Variety" and elsewhere. I am delighted to 
have this opportunity to correct my, and the media's, mistake. Ginny 
Powell, Boyd Raeburn's wife, sang with his band. She was a particularly 
attractive woman, even by the standard of the big band singers, which is 
shown in her picture on page 38 of George Simon's "The Big Bands". Regards.

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