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W.P. Mossel w.p.mossel at wanadoo.nl
Fri May 30 23:20:25 PDT 2003

At 03/05/30 12:00 -0700, Meg Graf wrote:

>I am looking for a lead sheet for "Graveyard Blues" by  Clarence Williams

As far as I know Clarence Williams never wrote a Graveyard Blues.
There is a Graveyard Blues sung by Teddy Grace with Charlie Shavers, Buster 
Bailey etc. from May 23, 1939. But that is a composition of Lawson and White.
Or do you mean Graveyard Dream Blues sung by Sarah Martin  acc. by Clarence 
Williams' Harmonizing Four from October 11, 1923? That is a composition of 
Ida Cox.
Ida sings it herself in June 1923 acc. by Lovie Austin and her Blues 

I'm sorry but of none of the pieces I have a leadsheet.

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