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The Goodman recording of Bach GTT is pretty much a note-for-note rendition
of the published piano sheet music with little or no improvisation added.
Templeton (an accomplished pianist) wrote and performed some intriguing
stuff, none of it out-and-out jazz but much of it skirting around the edges.

I've prepared a draft version of the tune in Encore 4.5 but do not intend to
do anything further with it, however if you would like to
have a copy let me know and I'll email one to you free of charge.

John Farrell
stridepiano at tesco.net

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> : Stan Brager asks :-
> :
> : "What are some of your Benny Goodman favorites?"
> Too many to list really but the raw excitement of the up tempo 1937/38
> Camel Caravan airchecks have always rated highly with me, Stan. Likewise
> much of the late 20's/early 30's studio recordings.
> Andy Ling responded:
> :
> : At risk of being drummed out of DJML I'm going to suggest
> :
> : Bach Goes To Town
> The - or rather - an aircheck of this tune written by blind Brit pianist,
> Alec Templeton, is also included in my favourites. Jazz or not, it swings
> like the clappers. The studio version is OK but more restrained.
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