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Hi Burt and everyone,

Anne Charters is huge in bringing the Beat Generation (I'm sure much to
Charlie's horror!), to acadamia.  She edited the Penguin (I think it's
Penguin) selected writings of the Beat Generation which has become standard
issue (again much to Charlie's horror) in American lit courses across the
country.  BTW, I made the drive down to Bloomington Indiana a couple of
weeks back to see the original manuscript of On the Road (the one that was
typed in a period of three weeks on a continuous 125 foot long scroll of
paper, all with no paragraph breaks) which was on display at IU.  When I was
just starting college and fancied myself a performance poet, Kerouac had a
huge impact on me (loved his idea that writing was like improvising one
blues chorus after another), so the trip was a sort of pilgrimage for me.  I
also saw Allen Ginsberg read Howl at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor a few
years before he died.  He was very much involved with Jewel Heart (an
organization for the preservation of Tibetan Buddhist culture) which has one
of its centers in Ann Arbor and he read Howl in honor of the Dalai Lama
coming to visit.

All the best,
Rob McCallum

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> Charlie wrote: Hey, Rob?  Don't we dixielanders have troubles enough
without saddling us with a guy who liked Ginsberg enough to publish him?
> That's a howl, Charlie.
> Burt
> By the way, the wife of my good friend Sam Charters, Anne Charters, the
noted ragtime pianist, is Jack Keroac's biographer and both she and Sam have
commented on TV about the relationship of Keroac's writing to jazz. There's
something to that.
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