[Dixielandjazz] Strange Gigs - Redux

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Thu May 29 23:46:01 PDT 2003

Here's an addition to that thread which went on six months ago, or so.
Got this call today.

Ring ring:


"Is this Steve Barbone of The Barbone Street Jazz Band"


"Hi, this is Pat. How much for a New Orleans Mardi Gras party at a hotel
by Philly Airport"

Fast forward to conversation after date, hours, location, price, 250 to
300 people, etc. nailed down.

"OK Pat, I'll bring the Mardi Gras Beads."

"No need, we'll have plenty for you to throw to the ladies. Will you
send me a confirming letter?"

"Sure, name and address?"

"Sister Patricia Reilly
Sisters of xxxxxxxxx
etc., etc.
etc., etc."

"Got it. Will the audience consist of only Sisters?"

"Yes. 250 to 300 Nuns. Were having our annual meeting on Saturday and
Sunday and this is the wrap up, party Sunday night. We just want to kick
back and have a good time. Several, of us heard about your band, the
beads, etc., and we think you'll be perfect for the occasion."

"I didn't know Sisters of xxxxxx were allowed to have a good time."

Followed by much laughter from both of us, as she replied, No, that's
"Sisters of the Holy Name."

Now folks, the Band and I can hardly wait for this gig, a few weeks from
now. We have an all female audience of 250+ Nuns who are going to have
us throw beads etc., at a Mardi Gras Party, complete with New Orleans
Dixieland. No doubt about it, there is a large untapped audience for
this music.

What's next?

Steve Barbone

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