[Dixielandjazz] Dadaism and early jazz

Bill Horton horton4jaz at earthlink.net
Thu May 29 19:04:02 PDT 2003

Being the Politically Correct person that I am, I must register serious
objection, on genderism grounds, to all this talk about DaDa!  I demand
equal time be devoted to MaMa.

Giggle research (as opposed Google) reveals that MaMa (sometimes incorrectly
referred to as Momism) antedated DaDa and came into being concurrently with
the REAL genesis of true jazz-- i,e, the invention of the hollow log drum.
It is thought that it was a protest against the unfairness of the world.
Youngsters would proclaim, "MaMa, there's big tiger out there!" or "MaMa, Og
is playing with my dirt!"  These whines soon became codified in what is now
called The Blues.  In MaMa times, these protests were called Rage Time, and
was later abbreviated to Ragtime.

 Giggle also indicates the ancestor of the modern day trombone may be traced
to the use of the bones of the Tromicerus for musical purposes in MaMa days.

Enough of this DaDa stuff!  In fairness, we must devote time to MaMa, the
true mother of jazz.

Bill "PC To the Core" Horton

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