[Dixielandjazz] external ReWritable Drive

Richard Broadie richard.broadie at gte.net
Wed May 21 10:27:31 PDT 2003

If technogeek's advice fails, and I suspect that you do need USB2 upgrade as
suggested by others, phone the tech support number that came with your
burner.  That way you'll have time to eat lunch and a nice desert, have 5 or
6 beers and be in the bathroom relieving yourself when tech support finally
takes you off hold.   Dick

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> Hi listmates,
> I have a request for any of you knowledgeable CD writers out there.
> I just purchased a I/O Magic 52X24X52 External USB 2.0 ReWritable Drive. I
> followed all the instructions to install the hardware and it seemed to
> fine. I can play CDs from the drive to my computer and listen to them on
> computer speakers.
> BUT . . .
> When I try to sequence some .wav files to burn to the ReWritable Drive I
> an error message which proclaims: "There are no supported CD-Recorders
> available. Ensure that your CD recorder is on an that all cables are
> properly connected."
> How can that be?  I can play CD FROM the CD Recorder but not record TO the
> CD??
> Any suggestions from you techno geeks out there?
> Oh yes, my Windows system is "me". It's supposed to contain all the
> necessary drivers but who knows?  Also - is the USB 2.0 a problem? I have
> USB ports on my computer buy is it possible that I need updated ones?
> There's no instructions for determing the sort of USB ports on the
> that I can find.
> Help Help Help.
> Bill "I should know about this junk, but I don't" Gunter
> jazzboard at hotmail.com
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