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Bob Romans cellblk7 at attbi.com
Tue May 20 08:39:49 PDT 2003

Thanks, Kurt!
Elazar sure leads an exciting life!! I can just hear Kurt Abell(Banjoist in
CB7) say"So? He's a banjo player!!)
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Date: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 8:14 AM
Subject: Elezar Brandt

Bob Romans,

I saw your post on the DJML yesterday regarding the safety of Elezar Brandt.
He is safe and working in India at this time.  Here is a message I received
from him this morning (5-20-03)

Feel free to forward this on to the DJML.

Kurt Bowermaster
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Shalom Kurt,

Thanks so much for writing. I am working in India (not
music, although I do sit in with a band in the hotel
while I'm here), so I've not been in Israel for the
past 3 weeks, and I have 2 more weeks to go before
returning home. So I was not at Mike's Place in Tel
Aviv, but I do know at least 2 friends who were there
at the time, and thankfully were not hurt. I don't
know who the musicians were, and no way really to find
out until I get home.

I've been on vacation mode on DJML during my trip. I
guess by now it should occur to me to announce my
presence or absence under these circumstances. Please
relay my appreciation to the list for people's concern
about me, and tell them I'll be back in a couple
weeks, but all is OK.

Best regards,


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