[Dixielandjazz] Re: Gt. Connecticut Festival

LeslieMRag at aol.com LeslieMRag at aol.com
Mon May 19 02:13:47 PDT 2003


Saw the note about the festival and thought I would tell you that the 
producers just placed an ad in the June Mississippi Rag, due to be printed 
Wednesday and mailed out Thursday. They've booked Paris Washboard, Pearl 
Django, Igor, Midiri Bros., Bearcats, Wolverine Jazz Band (Mass.), Chicago 
Six. Special events: Preservation Hall and John Pizzarelli. Dates are July 
24-27. Call 1-800-HOTEVENT for details.

Leslie Johnson
editor at mississippirag.com OR
lesliemrag at aol.com

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