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Hi Bob -

Jim sent me the news item too. Here's my reply:

Hi Jim -

Thanks for the news flash.

You query:
PS: I wonder if they were tenors or plectrums?

I'd guess that a plectrum was used for the heavy work; a tenor for the detail work.

While the murder was bad enough, the real bad news (for banjophiles) is the news that "Eddie" was on 17 kinds of medication. Those that may have been wondering about us for years now know the "real story."

I wonder how bad off the second banjo is... and when it'll show up on eBay. Hell, depending on make and model, it could go a long way towards the bail money.

Am looking forward to seeing you next week!

Regards -

Kurt (3 med) Abell

On Wednesday, May 14, 2003, at 09:20 AM, Bob Romans wrote:

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  Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Murder most foul!

  This sent to me by one of our ex members, Jim Marsh.

  Jim, why don't you join us again on DJML. We all miss you.

    Hi All,

    This clipping from the West Milton, OH newspaper was mailed to me
    today. It is really bad press for us banjo players . . . and now my wife


    talking about leaving me!! :~} :~}



    "The husband of a 60 year old woman who died after apparently being
    beaten in her home with banjos was "arrested Wednesday in connection with


    death," Miami County officials said.
    Edward T. Benson 63, was charged with aggravated murder, Chief Deputy


    Price said. He, was jailed on $50,000 bond. Price said Katie M. Benson


    suffering massive head injuries when deputies arrived at the couple's home
    about 5 a.m.

    The injuries were "inflicted by a banjo that was completely destroyed,
    and a second banjo was picked up and used also," he said.

    Benson's lawyer, Jose Lopez, said his, client has medical problems
    requiring him to take 17 kinds of medication."

    PS: I wonder if they were tenors or plectrums?

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