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David Livingston snargi01 at yahoo.com
Wed May 14 17:26:57 PDT 2003

This murder took place in 1991. I found a follow up
story on it in one of my work sources.

Copyright 1992 The Columbus Dispatch  
Columbus Dispatch (Ohio)
April 18, 1992, Saturday


Associated Press

TROY, Ohio -- A man accused of beating his wife to
death with two banjos last year was found mentally
incompetent yesterday to stand trial.

Judge Robert Lindeman of Miami County Common Pleas
Court ordered Edward Benson, 64, of West Milton to be
returned to a mental health center for the May 22
death of Katie Benson, 60. 

The judge dismissed an aggravated murder indictment
against Benson, saying Benson is unlikely to be
competent for trial within a year.

In November, Lindeman ordered Benson's commitment to
the Dayton Mental Health Center for up to 15 months,
ruling he could become competent to stand trial within
a year.

''He's a sick man, medically and psychologically,''
said Benson's lawyer, Jose Lopez. He said Lindeman's
finding was justified.

Prosecutor Jeff Welbaum said Benson could be indicted
again later.

The judge ruled after hearing testimony from the
administrator of the Dayton center and reviewing
reports from psychiatrists who ave worked with Benson.

Dr. Daniel Gold Jr., the center's medical director,
said Benson suffers from impairment of his ability to
think and remember.

''This man's brain certainly does not function
normally,'' Gold told the court.

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