[Dixielandjazz] cats and dogs

fred spencer drjz at bealenet.com
Wed May 14 12:22:08 PDT 2003

Another jazz animal favored by a few cartoonists is "Nipper", "the bull 
terrier cross symbol" of His Master's Voice, painted by the Englishman, 
Francis Barraud, in the 1890s. (I always thought he [or she?, to be 
politically correct], was a smooth- haired fox terrier!). Nipper's story 
is told in a 2 page "box" in "The Guinness Book of Recorded Sound by 
ROBERT and CELIA DEARLING with Brian Rust" (1984), and in more detail in 
the well illustrated, 70 page booklet, "The Story of Nipper", compiled 
by Leonard Petts  (1973, 3rd printing 1990). In the latter book, there 
is a one page reproduction of 20 Nipper cartoons by Peter Tietjen. "His 
Master's Noise" by Morten M.(1986) is a Norwegian.paperback collection 
of 99 full page Nipper cartoons. It would be a delight if someone could 
portray a meeting of these two music icons, THE cat and THE dog.!

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