[Dixielandjazz] Jam Session

Roger Snell RenoCharlie at webtv.net
Tue May 13 00:15:13 PDT 2003

It's that time once again.  May I remind all you wonderful folks who
plan to attend the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee this year that you are
invited to the Session on the King.  Each day of the Jubilee from One in
the afternoon until three-forty five we'll be on the Delta King, at the
foot of J Street playing a little jive, and waiting for y'all to come
and join in.  We, being The Roger Snell Quartet, Ernie Jones, trumpet,
Larry Salerno, drums; Jim Lenhart. bass; and Roger Snell, piano..  Bring
your axe and join in.  We look forward to seeing nice people, and you
folks are exactly that.  Hope to see you soon.

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