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Ron L'Herault lherault at bu.edu
Sun May 11 22:27:54 PDT 2003

Ah, yes, Stan McDonald.

I know him pretty well too.  I have been following the New Black Eagles
since early 1972 and when Stan left, I ended up seeing his band, the
Blue Horizon a number of times, sat in a few times and even subbed for
their trombonist when he couldn't make it a few times.  The Sherborn
Inn, where Stan holds forth on a Tuesday and the Eagles on a Thursday,
is a rather elegant restaurant.  The food is quite artfully presented
and on the rare occasions I could scrape up enough money to eat there I
thought it was quite good.


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Jim Kash wrote:

<...............Russ Phillips' Band was playing when I was there, and
you would certainly want to say hello to Kim Cusack (clarinet) in his
band. .......................>

*Yes, I will talk to Kim Cusack. Will talk also with Russ Phillips about
your CD.

<.........There must be more in other parts more difficult to get to
without having a local guide>
*Fortunately I will have a friendly local guide - she is Brazilian and
Professor at Chi University.     

<...........We went, instead to the Underground Wonder Bar> *You're
right, it's not my cup of tea.

<......I'm off to Boston myself for a week (son graduating from Boston
College, to go on to a Masters degree at London School of Economics!)>
 * ops! Congratulations! 

<.....Hope to meet up with fellow DJML'r Ron L'Herault> 
* try to meet also my good friend Stan McDonald, clarinet and soprano
extraordinaire - he will be playing May 20 at the Sherborn Inn.  Call
his wife and manager Ellen and ask for details. Please give them my
Ellen McDonald, Manager Phone: (508) 653-7247

<..... Going to be enjoying the monetary exchange rate, ...... Don't
know if your money is treated so nicely, also, Tito, in the U.S. now?>
* Yes, 1 US$ equals 2,7 Brazilian Reais now, dropped from 3,80.


 Thanks again!


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