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Hey, I have played a 3B since I got out of the navy in 1961 and bought 
my first 3B for $275.00.  About 7 years ago, I dropped my 3B off a 
stand and dented the slide, so I needed a substitute horn and found a 
6H for $150.00.  Plays well, has a great slide and I like the sound.  I 
use a Bach 42B for symphony work that I paid $250.00 for in 1970.  
Great horn just finished playing Evita for 2 weeks, dropped a 2G mouth 
piece in it and it was a bass trombone.  The point of all this is I 
agree with Jim, you don't need to pay top dollar for horns, just find 
one that suits you,
Randy Fendrick
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>> Rob,
>>  The King 2B, .481/.491 bore, is a very nice playing horn, especially 
>> for
>> jazz and many players swear by them. You don't need to spend $1500.00 
>> as
>> there are often good ones on eBay for around $600.00.
>> Another good choice is a Bach 12. .500 bore, Yamaha has a .500 horn 
>> and
>> then
>> there is the Conn 6H, another .500 horn. All are professional level 
>> and it
>> just depends on the player. Perhaps go to a music store and see what 
>> they
>> have in stock, try out several and see what sounds best, take that
>> knowledge
>> to the Internet and shop. Also try the Online Trombone Journal, a lot 
>> of
>> good choices there as well.
>> Good luck on your search.
>    Rob...Dave Hanson offers up some good info here.  The King 2B has 
> been
> played by top pros for many years going back to Tommy Dorsey.  Kai 
> Winding,
> Uribie Green, Cutty Cutshall and so many others have played this 
> classic
> horn.  Also I notice that many young contemporaies are using it.  The 
> 3B is
> larger with an 8" bell and a 509' bore.   Also an excellent horn and 
> more the
> size of the Conn 6H.  The Bach models 12, 16 & 16M are good.   I"ve 
> played
> all of these horns over many years.  The Williams trombones are good 
> but
> harder to find.
>    And Dave is right in that you don't need to spend $1500.  Get a 
> used one.
>   The bore size has little to do with your fullness of tone.  That 
> comes from
> you though your mouthpice does factor in.  The smaller bores work 
> better for
> jazz.  School educators have students playing these horrible large bore
> symphonic trombones...their thinking is flawed...big horn equals big 
> sound.
> Wrong...big horn equals loud blatty sound.
>   What kind of mouthpiece are you using?
> Jim Beebe
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