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> Rob,
>  The King 2B, .481/.491 bore, is a very nice playing horn, especially for
> jazz and many players swear by them. You don't need to spend $1500.00 as
> there are often good ones on eBay for around $600.00.
> Another good choice is a Bach 12. .500 bore, Yamaha has a .500 horn and 
> then
> there is the Conn 6H, another .500 horn. All are professional level and it
> just depends on the player. Perhaps go to a music store and see what they
> have in stock, try out several and see what sounds best, take that 
> knowledge
> to the Internet and shop. Also try the Online Trombone Journal, a lot of
> good choices there as well.
> Good luck on your search.

   Rob...Dave Hanson offers up some good info here.  The King 2B has been 
played by top pros for many years going back to Tommy Dorsey.  Kai Winding, 
Uribie Green, Cutty Cutshall and so many others have played this classic 
horn.  Also I notice that many young contemporaies are using it.  The 3B is 
larger with an 8" bell and a 509' bore.   Also an excellent horn and more the 
size of the Conn 6H.  The Bach models 12, 16 & 16M are good.   I"ve played 
all of these horns over many years.  The Williams trombones are good but 
harder to find.

   And Dave is right in that you don't need to spend $1500.  Get a used one.

  The bore size has little to do with your fullness of tone.  That comes from 
you though your mouthpice does factor in.  The smaller bores work better for 
jazz.  School educators have students playing these horrible large bore 
symphonic trombones...their thinking is flawed...big horn equals big sound.  
Wrong...big horn equals loud blatty sound.

  What kind of mouthpiece are you using?

Jim Beebe

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