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> The thing is: Teagarden used to hang out in the recording studios just to 
> get gigs. Thus he recorded with a lot to different bands. You can see this 
> wherever T appears in the band's personnel as somewhat an anomoly. Dorsey's 
> sessions were with less bands (I could be mistaken!) and we find him with 
> the Boswells, Red Nichols, his own Clambake Seven and his big band. I still 
> see a difference there.

  Excuse me but where in hell did you get the crazy notion that Jack 
Teagarden 'hung out in recording studios to get gigs?'   Teagarden, like 
every other musician went to a recording studio if he had a gig recording 
with some group or his own.  If musicians hung out in studios to get gigs, 
nobody would ever get any recording done.  They are not fun places to hang 
our in.

Also your notion about Dorsey recording with 'less' bands.  What does this 

  Jim Beebe

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