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the thing is: Teagarden used to hang out in the recording studios just to get gigs. Thus he recorded with a lot to different bands. You can see this wherever T appears in the band's personnel as somewhat an anomoly. Dorsey's sessions were with less bands (I could be mistaken!) and we find him with the Boswells, Red Nichols, his own Clambake Seven and his big band. I still see a difference there.

By the way, I'll never forget the first time I saw Tommy Dorsey's band. It was at the old Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento and I was 17 (1950). He opened with his theme song and I was in heaven. Then he proceeded to play four hours of jump and jive! He ended with his theme song and by that time I was disgusted. (I was an OKUM hard-liner in those days). Thank goodness the next week brought Nappy Lemare and his Levee Loungers and Nellie Lutcher and I was back in heaven again.

Burt Wilson
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> Burt says:
"What makes Dorsey's 1027 sessions even more remarkable is that he did not
hang out in recording studios all day, as Teagarden did, in order to pick

Playing over 1000 sessions shows that Dorsey would have spent a lot of
hanging out in the studios. How much time? Using the old union rule of
songs per three-hour session, and figuring he played on average two
a day, that's over 170 days in the studio. He probably recorded more
material in less time than this estimate suggests. So I'd be willing to
that Dorsey didn't have to ask directions to the washroom on most of these

I also question the idea that he did this in order to pick up gigs. It
obvious to me that he wouldn't have been called at all unless he'd already
established his reputation playing gigs. Wasn't the union hall (or a
watering hole) the place where most musicians hung around waiting for

Paul Edgerton

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