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    Well--exCUSE me!  I had no intention of desecrating a shrine!  I had not
listened to all those recordings, had never played with Vic before (nor
since), so that I--ignorant one--was forced to listen to what I actually
heard on the day I played with him.  On that day, whatever way, for whatever
cause I've no idea and no curiousity--on that day, standing on my right hand
side where I could not mistake nor can I disremember what I heard: the guy
sounded like a garden hose with a semi-attached mouthpiece.

    I am willing to take all you guys' word for it: Vic Dickenson is/was the
greatest trombone player who ever lived (I'll even forget Jack); but ON THAT
PARTICULAR FUkkIN DAY he sounded like a guy with a garden hose and a
mouthpiece.  You guys weren't there.  I was.

so shut my mouf'

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>> Sorry to be late with this, been running about quite a bit. About Vic
>> Dickenson, as Jim Beebe says, not only was he one of the greats, but he
>> knew just about every tune there ever was, in several styles of jazz.
>> Cheers,
>> Steve Barbone
> Vic Dickenson was on more recordings, I believe, than any other jazz
> trombonist.  And every one is enhanced by his presence and fine trombone
> work.  He is on a wide range of recordings from Art Hodes-Edmond Hall to
> Basie to Eddie Condon to Louis Armstrong to Ruby Braff and on and on.
> Vic caught my attention early on in my jazz record collecting.  HIs
> playing on those great Blue Note sides with Hodes, Sidney DeParis, Edmond
> Hall was superb.  I challenge anyone to listen to their "Squeeze Me" and not
> be moved by Vic's monumental ensemble and solo work.  The same on " Bugle
> Call Rag."
> I had the priviledge of playing a duo with Vic at a Fest.  I didn't belong
> there with him but there I was.  Vic is very sly.  He and others like Roy
> Eldridge were forever being challenged by idiot musicians who would jump on
> the stand to challenge them to a 'cutting' contest.  One could sense that he
> was wary and tired of this.  He let me know in a very sly but unmistakable
> way that if I tried to outplay him in anyway, he would reach into his very
> deep bag and pull some of his stuff out that would blow me off of the stand.
> Once he realized that I had no intentions of this nature he relaxed and we
> did a nice "Keepin' out of Mischief" together.
> Vic Dickenson is one of the greats will will not soon be forgotten.
> Jim Beebe
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