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> In response to an inquiry (from Jim Beebe, I think) the name of the dancing
> tailor was Scotty Piper. He had a shop on 47th St since at least the 1930s
> and had provided uniforms for big bands back in the old days. He was one of
> the few surviving institutions from the glory days of the South Side. I think
> I''ve got a tape somewhere of an interview that ran on the radio some years
> back and a copy of a newspaper article on him that I would be glad to xerox
> for anyone who asks for one offline.
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    Scotty Piper!  Of course!  That's the guy.  A great character, always
welcome in Flaming Sallie's.  How could I have forgotten that name?

    Thanks, and I'd love to see that news article, either by e-mail or snail
mail at

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