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At 12:43 AM 5/7/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>More details, and a full list of the books 
>published, is in "The Guinness Jazz Companion" by Peter Clayton and 
>Peter Gammond...

Hi Fred. There's a book that cries for reprinting. In my opinion, the
single best non-discographical book on our music for any non-expert. I did
a one-paragraph review of it in TR some years ago. 
>I have adapted these comments from a series of book reviews I wrote, 
>which appeared in "Tailgate Ramblings", the monthly publication of the 
>Potomac River Jazz Club. I am considering putting these together with 
>others I have compiled in a book entitled "Jazz Reference Books. A 
>Selected Check List". I would be interested in knowing  whether any DJML 
>members consider this a worthwhile project. Regards

Jeez, why can't I remember your reviews? When did they appear? 
Definitely a worthy project. 
Might be something for me to include in the brief bibliography on my
"hobby" page


As I note there, my lists and links are intended to jump-start one's
search, since others have made it their task to be comprehensive. 

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