[Dixielandjazz] Re: Wayne Jones

Bill Haesler bhaesler at nsw.bigpond.net.au
Wed May 7 10:26:38 PDT 2003

Dear Charlie, Jim and Butch.
What an asset to the DJML it would be if Wayne Jones could be enticed to join.
Wayne took us under his wing when we visited Chicago, enroute to Toronto and
Alaska in 1985 for wife Jess's 50th birthday.
He entertained us strangers from Sydney, Australia at home for lunch, played us
records, took us to a Salty Dogs' band reunion the next day, introduced us to
the band and close fans and pointed me in the right direction so far as record
shops were concerned.
We corresponded for a while, but it drifted off, as these things eventually do.
His knowledge of OKOM (including Oz stuff) is phenomenal.
A great writer too.
Wayne also happens to be one of the best jazz drummers around. 
Rock solid, and a listener, with a vast knowledge of the subject gained from
studying the old masters. 
Outwardly a curmudgeon, we found that he has a heart of gold.
And just a a wee bit younger than us too! Except young Butch, of course!
However, I can't imagine Wayne embracing computer technology - but one never
knows, do one?
I hope he is around when next we visit Chicago. 
Kind regards,
PS: Wayne would be an interesting subject for a discography. 
He pops up everywhere.

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