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Tue May 6 13:35:49 PDT 2003

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lherault at bu.edu writes:

> As a collector/repairer of wind up phonographs, I can only hope that your
> remarks were not meant to be disparaging.
> Ron L 8-)

   Rest easy, Ron, and save your energy for cranking up the victrola.  
Certainly, no disparagment intended.  Wayne Jones, in fact, has or had a 
varible speed Bogen turntable that I gave him some years ago.

   Jim Beebe

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> charliehooks at earthlink.net writes:
> >Which raises a good question:  Why is Wayne Jones not on this list?  I
> >think I'll call him up and ask him.  I mean: this guy is a source we all
> >can
> >use, that we all need!  If he doesn't have a computer, can we all chip in
> >and give him one?
> >
> >Charlie
>   Wayne Jones a computer?  (chuckle)  Wayne is still using a windup
> phonograph.
>   Jim Beebe

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