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> on 5/4/03 11:19 AM, Dan Augustine at ds.augustine at mail.utexas.edu wrote:
> >Did any of you folks who lived, played, and/or passed through
> >Chicago in the 1940's or 1950's ever run into him at the airport (or
> >elsewhere)? The study of jazz leads one into some amazing corners....
>   I didn't, but maybe Jim Beebe did.  How about it, Jim?  "Natty
> Dominique"?  That names sounds somehow familiar.
>   Chicago had and has so many great characters that we could write books.
> Come to think of it, Studs Terkel probably already has.
>   Jim: who was the black tailor who made uniforms for the name bands and
> used to show up at the Blackstone on St. Partick's day with green bow ties
> for all the guys in the band?
>   You and Ingle should have plenty of stories.
> hold forth!
> Charlie

   Natty Dominique was before my time on the Chicago scene but I certainly 
recall his fine horn playing via some recordings.

  I remember the black tailor and I remember that he danced up a storm, too.

  I don't have any stories at the moment as I, last night, realized that I 
was running out of an important medication and this involved a lot of hassle 
today with the VA and other sources to get one lousy inhaler to carry me over 
until my regular prescription arrived.  Plus it is the first anniversary of 
my granddaughter, Kaitlyn's death.  So, I am having a panic attack and I am 
in mourning again at the same time.  Maybe, writing some stories will get my 
mind off of all of this.

Jim Beebe

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