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> ?  I remember that place as being the
> > loudest joint I was ever in.
Hi Charlie,

I took in Dirty Dicks in Chicago about 3 years ago in a desperate attempt to 
hear some dixieland in the short time I had available.

It was an uproarious evening. All the ingredients of a massive riot which 
never quite broke out. Waiters, summoned to a table told customers to get 
their own drinks, wet, beer soaked paper towels flew through the air, waiters 
shouted at each other.
The food was OK. The beer flowed like water and through it all the band, 
blowing their guts out to be heard above the din, managed to give the 
impression that they were enjoying themselves.
The whole thing was rather like Helzapoppin` scored for the Firehouse Five on 

A great evening and I have the T shirt to prove it.


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