[Dixielandjazz] Two cornets pre Oliver

Chris Tyle tyleman at toast.net
Sun May 4 00:50:43 PDT 2003

I spent some time this pm looking through the pictures in Rose and Souchon's
"New Orleans: A Family Album." I recalled seeing photos of bands which had
two cornets prior to or around the same time as the Oliver band. Here are
the results (not including brass bands):

John Robichaux Orchestra (1896)...but this might not have really been a
"jazz" band, per se...

Happy Schilling's Orchestra (1915) this band also had two saxophones...

Fate Marable Band (1918 w/Louis and Kid Howard)

SS Capital Band (early 1920s)

Sam Morgan Band (1920s)

Manuel Perez Jazz Band (1923)

Papa Celestin's Band aka Original Tuxedo Orchestra (1924)

Obviously, the Oliver band was not the first to use two cornets...


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