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Sat May 3 08:10:58 PDT 2003

Bob Romans wroteI:

<<'m trying to learn how to save photographs to a CD, so they can be seen as 
a slideshow on the monitor on on a TV set, and being able to add music, 
sound, etc.  Have any of you done this or know anybody that has? If so, what 
program do they use?>>


First, make sure your DVD player can play back video CD's.  Most current ones 
on the market can, but even those of as recent as a couple years ago can't.  
A friend of mine just got an Apex DVD player at Walmart for $49 that plays 
back all that stuff: VCD's, SVCD's, MP3's, etc.

And here are some web sites where you can get lots of info on the process:






I use VCDeasy for camcorder stuff and it works well.  Haven't done the 
stillpix/sound thing but maybe one of the web sites will help.

Jack Thomas

Jack Thomas

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