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Make that "BAY" area!
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This is an interesting band...I thought you in the DJML should see what's
going on in the Bat area...these guys are real crowd pleasers!
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This Hot Band now available for Worldwide Dates contact us today to get a
promotional package and to reserve them for your event.   The ONLY Authentic
New Orleans Brass Band west of New Orleans.     Home base Touring out of SF,
Tom Wiggins
Stgabrielsbb at aol.com

Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band

New Orleans is recognized for its brass bands, which generally play a
lively, funkier version of traditional jazz.   Brass bands are an integral
part of all social gatherings in New Orleans including weddings, second
lines, festivals, and even funerals. ... A few perform original written
material, a few still perform in the very old traditional style and a few
perform the classic New Orleans Jazz standards in a parading or Brass Band
setting.   Saint Gabriel's Performs them ALL and more.
... Most New Orleans brass bands still follow the traditional style:
collective improvisation in which the full voice of the band comes through,
all horns wailing at once ... Saint Gabriel's applies this style to all
forms of music for a truly unique sound.

If your ears are searching for the sounds of echoing brass bands and your
feet are longing for the rhythm of nouveau funk, then you definitely want to
book. Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band.   The Perfect Opening act or
Closing act for any concert festival or event.

New Orleans jazz grew out of marching brass bands, and many organizations in
New Orleans use brass bands in parades, concerts, and political rallies.
Black-American mutual aid and benevolent societies keep them busy year
round, for parties, dances, weddings and funerals ... The "infectious beat
that can be found anywhere from Mardi Gras Indian tribes, to brass bands, to
New Orleans rhythm and blues" also comes through clearly in the music of
Saint Gabriel's' Celestial Brass Band...And, if any one group can be said to
best represent the exuberant vitality of New Orleans jazz, it's Saint
Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band.

Formed in 1989, the band is committed to the tradition of brass bands while
incorporating all the great music that has been popular from Black American
songwriters from 1900 to 2003.   We were playing Smooth Jazz before they
even invented the title, New Orleans style music has always been Smooth.
Saint Gabriel's offers Louis Armstrong and Fats Domino to Sly Stone & Stevie

One of the best things going on in pop music is the proliferation of
first-rate, post-bop, post-hip-hop, post-everything New Orleans brass bands,
and Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band has quickly moved right up at the
top of the list with The Dirty Dozen, and Rebirth Brass Bands.   Primarily
because they tour year round and are in constant demand.   Saint Gabriel's
is also the most commercially adept band of the growing list of Brass bands
because we seek out situations that will have the greatest possible exposure
to perform and introduce this great music to people who may have never been
to New Orleans and are not even familiar with this resurrected art form.

Unlike many of the brass bands in New Orleans, Saint Gabriel's never started
out playing in small hole in the wall clubs in the French Quarter on Monday
nights.   Tom Wiggins built this band for major events and large venues
specifically.   The first performance was to twelve thousand people at the
1990 Juneteenth Celebration for the City of Oakland, California.   And their
European audiences average from 3000 to 30,000 people a show every day on
the major Jazz Festival tours.

Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band "second line" brass marching shows with
their upbeat rhythms and bright brass instrumentation are sure to give your
party or event that special lively element.   This group moves about the
venue, creating a party atmosphere that is special to New Orleans.   Bring a
little New Orleans to your event, your audience will love it.

A lot of the traditional music is really just church hymns, so a lot of that
music comes from out of the Baptist Church. It's church and family. That's
why New Orleans music has so much feeling, because it has that gospel thing
that's happening in the music. That's why you get so much feeling from that
music. It just dates back to the roots of Black American Music.

This music is really catching on, because it's so different from all the
music that you hear on radio. When you hear this music live, the feeling
that you get is like nothing you ever felt before. With the new millennium,
this music might be the music of the future. When you go hear this music,
how good it makes you feel?

Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band is not just for Mardi Gras, second line
parades and brass bands are perfectly normal during the Christmas Holiday
season all over New Orleans as well.   You will hear 'Jingle Bells' with a
New Orleans strut to it and all your Holiday favorites in a whole new way.

Often dressed in Red White & Blue and Stars and Stripes they will also be
the most Patriotic and colorful group on your program.

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