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If I'm not mistaken, Danny Alguire (later trumpet with the Firehouse 5+2)
was probably the trumpet man on that record. I once worked a gig with Danny
in the wilds of Oregon with Dave Wierbach and Ed Herrnans where the owner of
the roadhouse had a few Bob Wills records on the ancient jukebox. He did so
in Danny's honor. I also remember the gig because it was the first time I
had ever gigged with Danny and after my first solo he whispered to me,
"Well...you're honest." Which I later found out was praise. Always remember

Burt Wilson
Silver Dollar Jazz Band

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Hi all.   I'm usually lurking and just reading the mail, but I have a
question for the group.  I recently 'junked' a Bob Wills "Back Home Again in
Indiana" on Vocalion 03578.   WHO is the tenor sax???   Sounds like an early
Coleman Hawkins.   This is one of the hottest Wills sides that I've found.
The first two bars might have been Clarence Williams!  The description says
"Stomp Dance".   I know there was quite a bit on western swing bands a year
or so ago, so maybe someone can give me a clue.    Regards to all, and I'll
crawl back into the woodwork. :-)
    Charlie (de W8FIM - IAJRC - FIGA) Coleman
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