[Dixielandjazz] The Big Day Is Here!!

david richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Fri May 2 11:20:20 PDT 2003

I usually do a 4 hour Tuba Day special on my program (The Jazz Parade 
KFJC 89.7fm or www.kfjc.org, Thursdays 10am-2pm PDT) but this year I 
was unable to get access to my records in time to prepare for this 
year.  My step-daughter and a classmate were filming a rather bogus 
"interview" with the ghost of Louis Armstrong in my music library. Not 
that the actual ghost of Louis Armstrong lives in my music room - they 
just made it all up... ;-0

Anyway, here is a play list from several previous last year's Tuba 
specials (not all OKOM, there are some more modern jazz/ other musics 
tubist in this list)

Dave Richoux

Artist or group (tubist - if known)
  song title
  album title

London Serpent Trio
Daniel Speer Sonata for 3 T Bn

Pioneer Brass
Marching Through Georgia
Acres of Clams

Robt & Nicholas Childs
Brilliante & Moto Perpeto
British Bandsman

Canadian Brass
Gollywogs Cakewalk 1975
Rag Ma Taz

Miff Mole (Joe Tarto)
You're the Cream in My Coffee
Jazz Makers

Eastern Brass Quintet
The Entertainer 1995

Bill Bell
Variations on Judas Maccabeus
B B and His Tuba

Bill Bell
Jolly Farmer Goes to Town
B B and His Tuba

Meinl's Tuba Sextet
Divertimento #2 B Flat Motzart

Hans Theessink  (John Sass)
Baby Wants to Boogie

Leon Redbone (Jim Self)
Seducded 1981
 From Branch to Branch

Taj Mahal (Howard Johnson)
Tom & Sally Drake 1971
Real Thing

Dick Cary (alto tuba)
Sleighride in July 1975
Amazing D C

Toot-Sweet J B (Joe Pettigrew)
My Walking Stick 1994
All Fired Up

Preservation Hall (Al Jaffe)
Joe Avery 1976

Eli Newberger & Jimmy Mazzy
Sweet Music 1999
The Men They Will Bece

Martin Mull (Red Callender)
Dueling Tubas 1973
M M & His Fabulous Fue

British Tuba Quartet
Get Me to the Church on Time
Euphonic Sounds

Michael J Colburn
Die Teufelszunge 1993
Golden Age of Brass V3

Brass Menagerie (many tubas)
Quartet for Tuba Holmes
Michigan Tuba Ensbl

M J T Project (many tubas)
Blue Rondo Ala Turk 2001
Live at Bottom Line

The Klezmorim (Don Thornton)
Tuba Doina/Hot Dishes 81

The Vandals (Stan Frees)
Play that Country Tuba
Really Bad Original Cy

Kamakazi Ground Crew (Bob Lipton)
Tears and Tango
Madam Marie

Sotto Voce
Profiles for Tuba Quartet 01

Patrick Sheridan
Badinage 2001
Blazing Brass

Michael J Colburn
Auld Lang Syne 1993
Golden Age of Brass V3

Howard Johnson / Gravity (8 tubists)
Right Now
Right Now

Sam Philafian & Frank Vignola
Deep Purple
Cookin with Frank & Sm

Jim Self
No Splice 1997
Basset Hound Blues

Drums and Tuba (Brian Wolff)
The Notorious Rumpler
Flatheads and Spoonies

Youngblood Brass Band (The Warrior)
Acousticon Theme

Spanish Fly (Marcus Rojas)
Black & Tan Fantasy 1993
Rags to Britches

Dixie Power Trio (Andy Kochenour)
That Mellow Sousaphone
Out of Control

and from 2001

Spike Jones (Country Washburn)
When Yuba Plays the Rhumba
S J Other Orchestra

B Schulz Frisco J B (Bill Carroll)
Sensation 1991

Husk O'hare Footwarmers
My Mamma Rocks Me 1928
The Chicagoans

Professor Plum (Mike Swanson)
Messing Around in C 1987
Bouncin Around

Preservation Hall (Al Jaffe)
Jaffe's Strutin Blues 1986
P H Vol 4

Bob Stewart
King Porter Stomp 1995
Then & Now

Salty Dogs (Bob Rann)
Big Bear Stomp 1955
S D 1955

Franz  Jackson, & the Salty Dog (Mike Walbridge)
Bye and Bye
Yellow Fire

Benny Moten (Vernon Page)
Terrific Stomp 1929
B M 28-30

Sam Pilafian
If I Only Had a Brain 1991
Travilin' Light

M N M Trio (Eli Newberger)
Irish Black Bottom 1996
Halfway to Heaven

City Service Band (Joe Tarto)
Salty Sailor Tunes 1950
Titian of the Tuba

Eastman Wind Ensemble
Them Basses 1962

Sac a Pulses (Gary Kaiser)
La Groupie Du Tuba
Les Pulses

Dixie Power Trio (Andy Kochenour)
That Mellow Sousaphone
Out of Control

Lenoard Falcone (Baritone)
Beautiful Colorado
L F & His Baritone

Gus Mancuso (Baritone)
E'vry Time 1956
Introducing G M

Singleton Palmer
Wolverine Blues
S P Dixie

The Brass Band (M. Godard)
Teddy Bears Picnic 1980
Just a Tiny Boo-Boo

Bill Bell
Tuba Man
B B * His Tuba

Patrick Sheridan
Flight of the Bumble Bee

Canadian Brass (Chas Daellenbah)
London Blues 1991
Red Hot Jazz

Dirty Dozen Brass Band (Kirk Joseph)
New Orleans Blues

Red Callender
Nice Day
Speaks Low

Howard Johnson & Gravity
Right Now! 1997
Right Now

Bob Stewart
Rambler 95/96
Then & Now

Henry Threadgill Very Very Circus (Marcus Rojas)
Paper Toilet 1993
Too Much Sugar for a E

Les Miserables Brass Band (Marcus Rojas)
Manic Depression
Manic Traditions

Spanish Fly (Marcus Rojas)
Marcus Mouth 1993
Rags to Britches

Plunge (Marcus Rojas)
Mungo 1995
Falling with Grace

All That (Kirk Joseph)
Wolf's Remedy
Eponymous Debut

New Orleans Nightcrawlers (Matt Perrine)

Youngblood Brass Band (The Warrior)
Dr Bomba

Youngblood Brass Band (The Warrior)
The Warrior Comes Out to Play

Michael Vogt
Wonderland Duets for Two...
Tuba Intim

Romus, Rent/John Tchicai (Jon Birdsong)
Adapt...Or Die!

Protuberance (Mark Weaver)
Pumpkin Pie
Treated & Released

Drums and Tuba (Brian Wolff)
Box Fetish

Drums and Tuba (Brian Wolff)
Vinyl Killer

William Roper
Lament of Absalom

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