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> Meg and others--
>   Not to be flippant, but sometimes the best approach is just to say it:
>      "Jim, you're too loud.  How about half that volume?"
> But it (in my opinion) ought to come from the leader.
>   Dan
> P. S. In the Wurst Band (which starts its 25th year at Scholz's Bier Garten 
> next week), excessive volume is not a problem, nor is telling people a 
> However, in 24 years, i don't recall anyone ever complaining about the 
> volume.  You gotta know the room.

   Sir Thomas Beecham was one of this world's great classical conductors.   
His family had a fortune from Beecham Pills.  Sir Thomas wanted an orchestra 
to conduct and so he formed one and paid for it himself.  Perhaps our UK 
listers can tell us which orchestra it was...The London Philharmonic?

  Sir Thomas was an impeccable musician who also had a great wit and sense of 
humor.  He was beloved by classical musicians..

Sir Thomas Beecham often came to the USA to guest conduct and on one occasion 
he was here to guest conduct the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  At the first 
rehearsal he walked in, stepped up to the podium and started into the first 
selection.  He soon stopped the orchestra and barked rather sternly, " The 
second trombone is too loud!"  He started into the piece again but soon 
stopped..." The second trombone is still too loud!"  He started the piece 
again and again stopped.  At this the first trombonist shot up his hand and 
said, " Sir Thomas, the second trombone is not here yet."  Without missing a 
beat Beecham said, " Well, when he comes in, will you tell him that he is too 

JIm Beebe

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