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Meg Graf meggraf at hotmail.com
Fri May 2 10:45:56 PDT 2003

Hello, listmates:

I am hoping some of you will offer your perspective on addressing volume 
control without
hurting feelings or having a player feel singled out.

When you are playing with a group, and one musician is playing much more 
loudly that
everyone else, and you know that person has suffered profound hearing loss, 
how do
you address the situation?  Likewise, when one player consistently plays two 
loud and louder, because he is so "into" the music, or in his own little 
world, or whatever,
how do you address balance in a positive way?

As I seek more opportunities to play, I am ever more frequently playing with 
musicians whom
I don't know very well, and the last thing I want is to alienate those 
persons who are kind
enough to let me sit in when I am needed.  On the other hand, when  the 
manager of a club approaches
me and complains that a certain player is too loud, I want to address the 
situation, for I want the
audience to be pleased with the music, and I want the musicians [including 
me, I hope!] to be invited back.

Your thoughts, experiences, advice, please?

Thanks in advance, and best regards,

Meg and Big George

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