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Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 28 16:25:26 PST 2003

List Mates:

Russ Guarino asked if our stage schtick is programmed, or ad hoc. At
this point it is a mixture of both. The "Antique Road Show" bit was spur
of the moment after Jo's comment about these old guys having 294 years
of jazz experience. We've programmed that for tonight's concert because
it got such a great reaction.

The key as we see it is to establish rapport with the audience
immediately with a few words at the beginning, (very few) and then a
rouser of an opening number. Then to continue with individual personnel
intros at the end of each song, citing their impressive bios. Band guys
used to bitch about that, until they saw what it accomplishes.

Follow-up is also important after the gig to those who hired you. See
the following email I sent today to the President of the Berk's Art
Council, and to the gal who introduced us and is the program director
for the number 1 radio station in Reading, WEEU.

Both have already responded and asked us if we would like to be alone as
the headliner at New Orleans night next year and do a two set show. We
all hope we are still here then.

Steve Barbone

PS. We even did a TV broadcast, playing "Blue Skies" behind the Weather
Guy. Trumpet, clarinet, bass and guitar. 2 minutes of TV fame from the
lobby of the Lincoln Plaza Hotel in beautiful downtown Reading.

Dear Jo, Dear Deborah

There must be something in the water in Reading that works a spell on
the audience and on Barbone Street. We had an absolute blast and are
still talking about it. Boscov's audience reaction was wonderful and
Lincoln Plaza Hotel audience reaction was incredible. What an ego trip
it was for us.

As individuals, we hadn't seen anything like that since the 1950s and
the guys have done some "big time" gigs.  With Roy Eldridge, Peggy Lee,
Billie Holiday or Clifford Brown et al., or later on with Frankie Avalon

and Chubby Checker et al.

We love Reading. And, we love you. What a treat it was to have you come
up on stage Jo, and be my "little girl". Be still, my beating heart.
Wait till you get the CD. "Our song" is on it.

Deborah, it is your turn next time. "For Lady Be Good", or "How Come Ya
Do Me", or "Baby Won't You Please Come Home". So be prepared.

All of us in the band thank you for booking us, performing with us, and
being a part of what has become a wonderful experience for Barbone
Street every year.

Cheers, Love You,
Steve Barbone

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