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>From: Charlie Hooks <charliehooks at earthlink.net>
>on 3/23/03 7:54 PM, Bill Gunter at jazzboard at hotmail.com wrote:
>  > Anyway, here is something and if you can figure it out let me know!!!
>     This is really cute, but I sent it around to all the folks I knew were
>either math people or programmers, and Nancy Griffin said send it to
>Edgerton.  They made short work of it.  I quickly noticed the nines and
>multiples but didn't realize a thing all programmers and math folk know:
>that any two numbers added together and then subtracted from the original
>number yields a multiple of nine.
>     So you're always going to choose some multiple of nine.  So all that's
>necessary is for the programmer to assign the same symbol to all multiples
>of nine, then, so you won't notice that, have them change each time to some
>other (common) symbol.
>As I said, cute.
Charlie, Bill, and other folks--
     Gad, i just had to try to do this in algebra, which i haven't had 
since 1959.  Y'all correct me now, for i've surely made an error here 
somewhere, but isn't the algebraic solution something like this?

original number n = 10a + b     (i.e., '32' is 10 times 3 plus 2)

new number x = n - (a + b)
         or x = n - a - b
         or n = x + a + b

original number (x + a + b) = 10a + b
              or x + a = 10a
              or x = 9a

so that the new number will always be 9 times whatever the first 
digit was in the number you chose.
     Actually, Charlie said it much better, but i felt the itch to work it out.
(By the way, the URL is 
http://mr-31238.mr.valuehost.co.uk/assets/Flash/psychic.swf )

     On an actual musical topic, i'm typing this on my new little 
Apple iBook in a Howard Johnson's motel in Palm Springs, California, 
after having gone to the Desert Swing'n Dixie Jazz Festival from 
Friday through today.  Heard Bob Schulz and his band, High Sierra, 
Chicago Six, Clint Baker and his band, Coyote Hills JB, High Society 
JB, and Kinda Dixie.  I had to miss some of the performances because 
of the NCAA basketball tournament on TV, where both UT men's and 
women's teams were playing (and won).  But it's been a very nice 
festival, and i had a good time.  Actually, one of the best parts was 
standing outside the Grand Ballroom of the Riviera Resort (where the 
bands played), watching and listening to Katie Cavera on banjo and C. 
J. Sams on sousaphone sing and play for free, entertaining those 
having some food and drinks; they were fun and got the casual 
onlookers to sing along.  C. J. is an excellent tuba-player, playing 
the melody and improvising, and of course Katie was playing with 
Clint Baker and has been reaping untold riches after the article 
about her appeared in one of the 'rags' (periodicals; can't remember 
which one now, after a coupla beers).  (I reminded them about a 
dixieland band that i used to see advertised in a 'rag', playing in 
the Bay area; it's name was "Big Money in Dixieland".)  It added just 
a very nice, sweet touch to the proceedings.
     I never did run across anyone i knew, nobody from DJML, so i 
don't know if they were here or not.  Crowds were large, and some 
performances had folks standing in the back of the room for lack of 
chairs (not the Festival's fault, as they had to recover from the 
previous venue's being unavailable because of bankruptcy).
     Next: to Reno for a couple of days, then on to Eureka for the 
Redwood Coast Dixieland Jazz Festival.  Yippee.

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