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Bill wrote
<I remember back in the early fifties you had to buy them "under the counter"  and were warned not to get caught with it?> 
Dick wrote (in response to Bill)
<In fact, I recall a big bust of fake book publishers that took place in
Staten Island, NY (where I grew up) in the early '60s. As I remember,
several of the kingpins paid big fines and did a couple of years.>
I think I'll write a little article on the history and the unblemished truth.
I knew the guys who put the books together, how it came about, and who
went to jail or was fined. You will probably be very surprised.
hint: I sold or re-sold the original books from 1949 - 196?. I bought them from the
source. Always got calls from major publishers asking to buy copies.
I sold these on local 802 union floor for $5.00 each.
Publishers paid two dollars.
and now, the rest of the story (not really)
I'll write it off line and paste it into an email.

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