[Dixielandjazz] Fake Book CD

Charlie Hull charlie at easysounds.com
Sun Mar 23 07:45:53 PST 2003

I've seen a CD that matches Steve's description.  The individual tunes are
graphics images, maybe .jpg, not too sharp but legible.  Not much OKOM but
quite a few dance standards, and lots of bop and post-40's stuff.

IMHO lister Al Levy's disks are much better.
(http://offhotel.roshd.ir/alevy/realbook.htm). They're .pdf files and print
quality (Adobe Acrobat) is excellent no scoring program is required.  Still
not transposable, but I'm not aware of anyone who's selling tunes in score
program format such as Finale, Encore, etc., or even Band-In-A-Box format;
less desirable as a scoring program, but does enable transposition.

I have a large collection of fakebooks, folios and sheet music, and have
found Levy's collection where were not available in any of the others.  A
real bargain.

Charlie Hull

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