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I would go to G7 two beats earlier in the Verse (and C7 is not necessarey, C
is equally good):

C///	C/C(7)/	F///	G7///
at the beginning.

The Chorus is OK although there are many variations.
In the 4th row Cdim should be F#dim which is the same as Fdim but otherwise
the bass note should be indicated as Fdim/G. First chord might be better as
C/G (ie. C major with G bass). I would play eight beats of G7, however.
Also: at the end of the 7th row: Fdim/B or Bdim (i.e. a diminished chord
with B natural in the bass). The Fdim (better with Ab in the bass) is very
nice in the last row, indeed but then the there could be Gm7/C7 played. The
bass line in the first and the 5th row shoulb be played as F-F/E-	F/D-F/C-,
i.e. F major chords all the way but with a descending scale (F-E-D-C) in the
bass line. This also could be played at the very end and then really C7///
F/// in the last two bars.

I hope, this is not confusing. (see original messages below)

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>F///     F///     G7/C7/     F/ F7/
>Bb///   Bb///   Bb///   Bb///
>F///     F///     F///     F///
>C/ Cdim/   G7///   C///   C7///
>F///     F///     G7/ C7/     F/ F7/
>Bb///   Bb///   Bb///   Bb///
>F///    F7///    Bb///    Fdim///
>F///    F/ Fdim/   C7///    F///
>Hope it helps...

Bryan, Ivor:

Those chords sound good for the chorus. Here's the verse:

C///  C/C7/  F///  F/G7/

C///  C///  D7///  G7///

C///  C/C7/  F///  F/G7/

C/C7/  F/F#dim  C/G7/  C/C7/

...and there modulates into the chorus in F.

Some of us kind folks are trombone players, too. ;-)

--Dick Miller

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