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Bill Haesler bhaesler at nsw.bigpond.net.au
Sun Mar 23 09:11:35 PST 2003

Dear Steve,
Regarding: >he would have to have been at least 21. Since he is now 61, that
would place the year no sooner than 1963.< 
Sorry. The maths error was mine.
We always said as students that a prerequisite for Architecture was a failure in
maths and physics.
Eddie Condon's (1945-1957), (1958-1967) and (1975-1985).
In the comprehensive book 'No Cover Charge - a backward look at the night clubs
by Robert Sylvester' (Peter Davies. 1957) it says that Condon left Nick's "and
opened his own jazz saloon in West 3rd St. As his own owner, Eddie has seen no
reason to change his personality nor his deportment. For a manager, he has a
firm and stubborn young man named  Pete Pesci." Then follows an amusing story
about Pesci throwing (individually) Joe Sullivan, Wild Bill, George Brunies, and
finally Condon, off stage and out the back door of the club for drunken
Which is not to say that Condon (or Pesci) did not have an underworld backer(s).
In 1964  and again in 1975, when Bud Freeman was in Australia, he regaled us
with stories about everyone, including 'mobsters', but cautioned us not to
publish them until after his death as they (the mob) had long arms. 
We didn't write them down, and (in my case) the stories have been lost with
A pity. 
Therefore, I would not expect underworld 'ownership' of Condon's to be common
However, someone out there, with close connections to the 1940s NYC scene must
Kind regards,

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