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Bryan Livett livett at rogers.com
Sat Mar 22 17:43:30 PST 2003

Hi Ivor:  My "bag" is straight ahead small group jazz but on checking my
fake books I found the chorus for Alexander's Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin).
In answer to your question re verse/chorus I think the verse is in C
modulating to F for the chorus.  (that's from my vague memories of playing

F///     F///     G7/C7/     F/ F7/

Bb///   Bb///   Bb///   Bb///

F///     F///     F///     F///

C/ Cdim/   G7///   C///   C7///

F///     F///     G7/ C7/     F/ F7/

Bb///   Bb///   Bb///   Bb///

F///    F7///    Bb///    Fdim///

F///    F/ Fdim/   C7///    F///

Hope it helps...


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I don't know if anybody is out there, or all glued to the boob tube, as
Harlan Ellison would have it, but I would be grateful for a little help. We,
the Good Time Jazz Band of Portugal Inc. are playing for a birthday party
shortly, and we have a request to play Alexander's Ragtime Band for the
celebrant named Alex. We feel that if we had the right chords this would be
a great advantage. Those I have seem a little doubtful to me. Is the verse
in Bb and the chorus in F.Could some kind person, certain to be a banjo
player, help me with the chords please.

Thank you in anticipation (hopefully)

Ivor Jones

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