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Tom Wood zenith at ans.com.au
Sat Mar 22 11:10:01 PST 2003

Bill Schroeder wrote:
What is the zenith 2000 chord book and is it generally available ??

Bill I should have said Sydney-Zenith chord book in deference to other Zenith bands both in USA and UK.  I think you call them (for some odd reason?) "fake books" in USA.  It is a list of numbers with chords in keys we normally play them in.  This now totals in excess of 2000 numbers that we can call upon when someone requests something we have not played for some time.  As pianist and manager I am "keeper of the chords" which I use shamelessly at regular intervals.  Although not generally available at present all numbers will be listed in the Sydney-Zenith Tales book that I am writing.  When our clarinet player does a feature he also hands out A4 size sheets to the backline with the routine and chords written on them for immediate on stage playing, and just to keep us on our toes, he plays some numbers extremely fast. 
You have given me an idea - for boosting book sales to banjo players worldwide.  I was only going to list the numbers alphabetically in the Zenith Tales book but if I also include a CHORD BOOK ..........  who knows perhaps immediate fame and fortune will occur.

Tom (Sydney-Zenith chord book keeper) Wood   

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