[Dixielandjazz] Music and Mourning

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Fri Mar 21 11:06:45 PST 2003

Luis is correct. This is a jazz forum, though of late little of it seems to
appear except as redundant forwards of earlier message. If we must discuss
this war amongst ourselves, private messages serve better and more on
subject than in a jazz forum. War is messy business -- regardless of where
your opinion on this subject lies, others are sure to differ and then we
lose track of what this forum is all about.
Let's move back to the purpose of the forum -- it will be a great balm to
the our senses as we watch this war unfold in so many other media. So, I
will only respond privately, and will encourage others to do the same. Let's
talk jazz here and war and other subjects on more appropriate forums.
Jazz on,
Don Ingle
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> again and again....
> this list my end to be moderated.....
> can we talk about jazz ?....es much better than  any war....
> Luis Daniel Flores
> Argentina
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